Saturday, August 28, 2004

Spiritual War - Texas theater: calling in fire

Just this minute got a call from our buddy Darrell MacAlexander down in Houston, TX. Darrell is one of Gordon's movie cavalry buds, and has been his bugler on a number of pictures (Ride with the Devil, The Patriot, etc.) . I know many men talk about their ex-wife as "the woman from Hell", but in this case it may be pretty close to reality. "Psycho" is a euphamism. "Vindictive" is kind. "Self-serving" is generous. The divorce, which happened not long after we finished Patriot four years ago, was not benign, and their son (a minor at the time) became the object of a bitter custody battle...which the mother won. Against the desires of the son.

The boy is 17 yrs old. He is wheelchair-bound with a number of maladies. I believe MS is the biggie, but to add to his misery he also has scoliosis. So what was the call about? Against the wishes of this 17 year old boy, they carted him to the hospital and had the radical "steel rod up the spine" surgery. He has not been doing well, to put it mildly. Among other things, he has suffered a stroke and struggles with lucidity. The mother has gone all out to try to keep Darrell away from his son, and he's only been able to gain access to him a few times, during which visits he holds his hand and reads to him from the Bible and prays over him (activities which, needless to say, are not on the mother's menu).

The prayer chain is large and some big guns are being called in. Please join the strike force and pray for this situation. For healing for the son (also named Darrell), and for victory in the legal tangles that are plaguing this situation. It has been my impression that this woman has used this boy over the last four years purely as a weapon against his father, to twit him any way she can. The wishes, feelings, and well-being of this kid don't seem to mean squat to her. Let's get some artillery fire on this LZ before it gets even uglier. Thanks.

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