Friday, August 27, 2004

What I did today...

I cleaned the catboxes. I only mention it because it was the one thing I did that was actually on my list of things to do. Of note is the fact that I finally got paid for that Japanese TV show (July 13) I did over a month ago. this enabled me to do some major shopping yesterday and today: flour, cornmeal, brown rice, hamburger, chicken...lots of staples.

Looks like I may have to buy eggs for the first time in months, because Iris (grey chicken) hasn't laid for days. Looks like she's molting, too. I'm gathering quite a collection of feathers for the fly fisherman across the street. It comes of being crabby, I think. She won't let me catch her anymore for "love", while Henrietta (red chicken) is always happy for a pat on the back.

Other than that...Gimli is turning into the Tasmanian Devil. As soon as I have the cash he's going in for the operation. Today he climbed a "tree" about 1 1/2" in diameter and hung swaying about 7' off the ground swatting at me while I talked to a neighbor. He's special.

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