Friday, September 03, 2004

Getting Their Knickers in a Twist: "Code Pink"

As an example of how many so called "peace" activists are anything but peaceable, I often cite a story that my friend Floyd told me about the years he lived in Santa "Nuclear Free" Cruz, CA. It seems there was, and likely still is, a contingent of very vocal anti-gun activists in this sleepy (drug use will do that to you) little beach community. Seems their fearless leader disagreed so strongly with the local NRA honcho that one night, are you ready for this?, he lobbed a rock through a window in the guy’s house. Go peaceniks!

In keeping with this spirit of “peace”, there has arisen a contingent of women calling themselves “Code Pink” (frankly, I would have picked a different name: Nyuk, nyuk. Wink), who seem to be quite skilled in the “Personal Assaults for Peace” arena. Michele Malkin has her finger on the pulse of this gang of plucky protestors…

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