Monday, September 20, 2004

World o' Katz

Sad day, today; we sent Spot, one of the feral cats, off to the kitty great beyond, courtesy of the local animal shelter. We were only able to catch him because one of his back legs was so far-gone from infection that he looked like a refugee from a Wes Craven horror flick. He was bitten by something a month or so ago, but I didn't catch him in time to deal with abscesses, etc., plus he was just SO wild that I'm not sure I would have been able to help him, anyway. He's beyond suffering, now, and although it breaks me up to have to euthanize any creature I am TOTALLY against prolonging suffering unecessarily. RIP, Spotty! :-(

On a happier note, over the weekend we had a visit from little cousin 'Stella (now adopted by Gordon's oldest, Lizzie), whom Gimli adores. Well, he likes to wrassle and torment her, but that's ok because she's even more of a monkey than he is. For starters, she's the ONLY cat who will stand up to Iris (our grey auracana chicken). This is the chicken who chases our alpha cat, Eric the Red (16 lbs). Tiny little 'Stella gets endless amusement out of lying in wait for Iris then jumping out and sending her straight up into the air, gobbling like a turkey. Whee! She also seems to like rolls of paper towels and was shredding one behind my back while I attempted a little tidying up. Gimli (pictured under the wheelbarrow) is the real paper shredder, though. He can reduce a brown grocery bag to compost in under five minutes. Need documents shredded? He's on the job.


  1. estella has such a good time with gimli that i always feel bad taking her kitties to play with, judy only hisses and hides (which can be fun in its own way).

  2. Stella is sturdy and self-sufficient. She fully occupies any space and probably gets endless joy out of tormenting Judy. Just think, maybe she'll get used to riding in the car someday, because there always seems to be a cat to play with at the end of the ride...