Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Nurse Neb

Here's Nurse Neb, from yet another episode of "World's Astonishing News" or whatever they're calling it in Japan these days. It's supposed to be the 1930s; I tried my best with the hair and makeup. The "skirt" is a bedsheet; they tried to put me in pants but I explained that women didn't wear trousers in the '30s. Not to work, anyway. Hey, at least I wasn't a cop this time (was starting to feel typecast...).


  1. hello, I think I was in that episode too, I was a detective. Did you ever get to see any episodes of that show? I never did.

  2. I have never yet seen an episode. One of these days I'm going to get proactive and ask for a tape from SF Casting, because I know they have them on file...

  3. I know that is what I continue to tell myself. but I'll never do it.