Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Mini Japan Vacation

I'm not really in Japan, but it's darn close. My sister is in San Francisco for a surgery, and I've driven over to hang with her and help her out if she feels too "urpy" afterward. We're staying a few blocks from the hospital at the Radisson Miyako, and it's very Japanese. I'm having major Japan flashbacks. I just wish Gordon were here to enjoy it with me! Cheryl stays at the hospital tonight and I have the place to myself. I may wander down to the Marrakech to say "hi" to Nader & the gang and boogie a bit, but it's a long walk and I can't afford a cab. I'm just having fun exploring Japan Town and drinking in all the Engrish. Our room has a Japanese-styl bathroom. The toilet is in a separate room AS IT SHOULD BE. I had a "peel & press" seaweed rice ball for lunch, and the store across the street sells musubis and "Crunky" bars. Life is good.

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