Monday, September 27, 2004

Uber Gordon

Gordon, in his quest to become goal-oriented, went off to the RMS's annual Schuetzenfest (Shooting Festival) with the aim (pun intended) of winning the trophy. Well: he did! When he walked in the door last night, he said, "Guess who's the new Schuetzenkoenig?" and handed me the trophy (pewter stein above). He gets to keep it until somebody can win it away from him (insert evil laugh here). Ah, the joy of early firearms. For a shot (ha) of Gordo firing his pistol, click here.

This just in: Gordon's #1 daughter just plopped a bunch of related pics on her photoblog...


  1. do you want me to send you better pictures of the shoot? i have more than i posted.

    unfortunately for dad holding on to the trophy: he has to run the contest next year and not compete...hopefully jerm will win again and we can keep it in the family (evil grin).

  2. Yes to both! Send more pics, please...and you must do your best to create a schuetzendynasty.