Monday, April 18, 2005

Garage Sale: check!

The leftover books went to the Library Friends Book Sale store last night. The rest goes to the thrift store or in the dumpster. Gordon's brother just left to drive back to Oregon. I think he is a bit put out about the whole process. The fact that the Ancestral Home is not as it once was completely flummoxes him (this is a guy who practically worships his past, especially his childhood...there are practically no other topics of conversation with him). The fact that it sold so quickly really threw him for a loop, too, as all his opportunities to attempt to influence Gordo's decisions at each step of the process were instantly bypassed. Let's just say big bro' does not move quickly on anything regarding money.

I realize that this move is not going to solve all of our problems and make life a bed of roses, but there will be certain tangible improvements: no more police/fire sirens practically every night/morning, no more people racing up and down our street with sub-woofers blazing irritating non-music, no more yappy neighbor dog accross the street barking and barking at nothing, no more neighbor's house alarm going off at odd moments, and no more stench of un-buried dog poop in the yard adjoining our back yard in the Summer heat. I'll miss having a Trader Joe's within walking distance, but that's one of the few things I'm going to miss about living here.

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