Friday, April 08, 2005

A Silver Lining for Every Cloud...sort of

First, the bad news: we just found out that someone we once trusted stole over two grand from us several years ago...totally weird and creepy. The mysterious missing funds are now explained, but in an unfortunately sad way.

Now the great news: The wedding invites for Gordo's #1 kid just came in the mail! Yay! Funny how little pieces of paper make things "official". It's a western culture thing, I guess. Asians just laugh at our obsession with getting things in black & white. When I lived in Japan a buddy of mine there told me about going to see "Little Mermaid" (yes, this was a few years ago) and how the Tokyo audience roared with laughter when Ariel signed the contract with the Sea know, like it's a big deal or something (stupid gaijin).

Hm, that puts me again in mind of the person who stole from us for some reason. Feh...enough with the negative waves already, I hear wedding bells. Luckily, Liz is cool and I don't have to get her anything from here.


  1. Hi, Nebbo. Glad to see that you guys are getting a new home you like.

    I've got a question. A link to this entry got posted on FC.

    Was it MovieWhore that took the money?

    Also, were you aware that he almost lost his horse because he wasn't paying the bill?

    Have a good move.

  2. Oh, and Nebbo, another thing. I've been threatened by MovieWhore with violence on a number of occasions. He's also accused of stalking his "family" (Meaning the Fryes), and he even claimed that I put a blog up on LiveJournal with his name, address, etc. Here are a few of his more blatant threats. MovieWhore is in the habit of making ungrounded threats, and he's also been caught "trolling himself" on any number of occasions. You might remember the time that he got caught posting as Gordon_Frye, for example. 13245733 13246554 13246623 13246833

    I am toying with the idea of taking legal action against him. I realize he doesn't even have the money to board his horse, much less travel to me to attack me. I'm also aware that he's probably as bad at shooting as he is at everything else.

    However, the fact remains that he has threatened me and others on a number of occasions, then has the nerve to post links to online law resources about online threats.

    Obviously, Basil is unable to work and take care of the baby at this stage. If I do decide to press charges against him, then she will no doubt have to move in with you and your husband, unless her sister or mother are willing to take her in. She might also have some friends, but somehow I doubt MovieWhore encourages that.

    With that in mind, I just wanted to give you a heads up about the situation.

    Take care, and I look forward to the answers to those questions, assuming you chose to answer (You most assuredly aren't obligated to).

  3. Hello arse;

    Links to my blog (and those of others) are constantly being posted on FC, so it's just business as usual. Nobody from FC ever bothers us, so it's a non-issue (for me, anyway). Nobody is really "stalking" anybody as far as I know, in the true sense of the word. If MW didn't show up on FC he wouldn't know people were talking about him (horrors!), and eventually that would stop, too.

    Whom do you think bailed out the horse? You get one guess.

    Basil has several choices of situations should she choose to make a decision to move on. No worries there. Right now she is really trying to make the best of her choices, so she gets points for effort. She at least seems to have made a conscious decision to give up the FC habit, which if true is one of her better moves in the last couple of years. It's a cesspit.

    Although I do poke my nose in at FC occasionally (say, for instance, when I see a lot of hits on my blog), and therefore have a fair idea of what transpires there, I still appreciate the heads up!

    My opinion on the "threats" is that they have already gone as far as they will be likely to go. MW is a reactor, not an actor. Just don't play his little rock-throwing games and he'll go away.

  4. Oh, and BTW, I am most certainly not posting any kind of information on FC. MW may believe I am trolling there, but my rebuttals etc. were all posted last Fall when everything hit the fan. I said my piece and then decided it just didn't matter what went on at FC.

  5. Neb,

    You're still being trolled. I told you this would happen.

  6. My one guess: You and your husband. MovieWhore claimed he sold a camera to pay for it. :) Hilarious!

    He also recently got caught claiming he had only one, no two semesters, wait two YEARS left to get his degree. He also claimed he got his degree from Brooks in 1979, at the age of 21. The math didn't fit, of course.

    You're 100% right. MW thrives on the attention he gets on FC and will never leave. He claimed that he was quitting on New Year's Eve, but just changed to another moniker, Spennig, for a few weeks.

    Apparently Basil has quit the board. There were some posts a while back from her, but oddly enough, it came out that she was in Stockton with you guys when she was supposed to be posting. MW claimed it wasn't him posting under her moniker, of course.

    Hopefully, she'll wise up soon and realize that she needs to get out of that unhealthy situation she's in.

    Everyone on the board realizes that MW makes a lot of baseless accusations and threats. We all realize that MW is all bluff and blunder. Everyone also knows that you only posted a few times 6 months ago. Again, he makes many accusations, and he has no problem with blatantly lying.

    Thanks for your assistance, and have a good move.

  7. You know what? MW is right, the last time the horse payments were outstanding was the time the lien was put on it, and MW actually did come up with the money at the last minute.

    It was the time before that, when we brought the horse down here, that G bailed him out. He wrote a check for $1,400 and gave it to MW to give to the stable, then moved the horse.

    Strange thing happened, though; months later the stable phoned asking if the money was ever going to be paid, because they never got the check. >8-(

  8. On FC, people questioned how he could afford a horse when he doesn't work and has two children, Basil, and a wife to support, plus probably some other kids and alimony and what have you.

    He claimed the horse made him money, and cost very little to keep. He quoted some figure like 80 bucks a month. We all decided that the horse must be like the golden goose, and started calling it MAGIKAL_HOSRIE, since it apparently poots out golden nuggets for MovieWhore. :)

    So, if I may ask, is that 1400 check he got out of your husband in addition to the 2K he stole, or is it included in that total?

  9. Nobody we know personally in the horse crowd has had any decent film work in the last few years because of "runaway" production (horsie pics going out of country).

    The 2k is another chapter in the saga of our lives.

  10. Understood. Asking you to say more about MW and the 2K would obviously put you in a difficult position.

    Again, thank you for your help.

  11. Not that anybody is going to read this entry, but as we were cleaning out a file cabinet the other day we found the lien papers that had been mailed out by the stable owner in Lodi (where we had moved MW's horse). The papers were about to be filed, but, as already stated, MW came through with the funds at the last minute. So, technically, the lien was never actually official, even though the papers were drawn up and mailed out.

    Also, to answer another question, the check to pay off the outstanding bill at the previous stable was indeed made out to MW per his request, rather than to the stable in question.

    There, I've said my piece.

  12. Thanks for your clarification, Neb.

    By the way, this thread might give you a chuckle.

    Jimbo says he was an art history major his first semester, before switching to some interdisciplinary major. However, he didn't even know that art history majors take Intro to Art History. He tried to backpedal, but to no avail.

    You might also enjoy this one.

    It seems you humiliated him so badly that he decided not to post again till you left California. Obviously, his addiction to FC is greater than his fear.

  13. It is not my intention to humiliate MW or anybody else. It's just that every once in awhile I/we find out about some weird thing done in the past of which we were previously unaware, and I get more than a little ticked...again. It's like G says, "Every time I start to soften on the whole situation, he does something (or we find out something) to piss me off again!"

    Just to set the record straight, he never "hit" on me (that I am aware of). Also, I have no notion of his past or present academic activities, other than his degree from the college down south (can't think of the name at the moment).

  14. What new "weird thing", Neb? Like when you decided to sell of my items at a garage sale? You're a vindictive person with an agenda. What's your big contribution to your husband been, pray tell?

    The trolls are having lots of fun with you.

    Good to see you leave the state.

  15. One man's weird is another's SOP. After a year of asking, through Alex, whether you wanted those amps or not and receiving no reply, we assumed they were abandoned. You did ask specifically for the ceiling fan and bathroom light fixture, and they are waiting to be picked up.

    As for your other question, you'll have to ask him yourself.

  16. Yes, Jimbo, the trolls are having fun with Neb. With her. Not at her expense. But you're right. We are having fun.

    Seriously, MovieWhore, you should be happy that she hasn't offered to auction off those lien papers on FC. They don't owe you free storage any more than UHaul did. Quit blaming everyone for your screwups and quit trying to take advantage of people.

    Speaking of UHaul, I wonder how much you tried to claim was broken by UHaul when they put your stuff in storage, and how much was actually damaged.

    By the way, Nebbo, you might like this. You may have to cut and paste the URL into your browser to view it.