Monday, April 11, 2005

The Scramble

We just heard from our selling realtor, and the people buying our place are being total hardbutts and will not allow us to remain on the premises even one hour after closing. I could understand this if they were waiting to move in, but they are developers wating to bulldoze the place. At this point any motivation I had to go the extra mile in cleaning up the property just went out the window with the rest of the dust bunnies. I think we'll just take that nice oak front door with us, too...and they can keep the cloudy shower curtain. Neeless to say, dusting and vacuuming are off the "to do" list until we're in the new place.

It's a good thing the current owners of our new place are just the opposite of the above individuals. They're letting us turn out the horses as soon as we get there, and the movers can just deposit all of our worldly goods in the nice new three-car garage. Luckily, my folks live about 8 miles away and have a huge place, so we'll just stay with them (as usual). Meanwhile the Roths are packing as fast as they can to move out so we can move in (they found a great place in Eastern WA at last)! Yes, it's a Chinese Fire Drill all around.

We meet with the movers tomorrow, and I'm hoping and praying they can get us on their schedule on such short notice! It's time for full-on packing mode....

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