Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Plague o' Mosquitos

Here's something else I'm not going to miss: mosquitos. Yes, we have them in WA, but this is nuts! I think the abatement department has just given up on this neighborhood in Stockton, because this year, like last year, we are now swimming through swarms of them in the evenings. I'd have to move to a swamp in WA to have this many bugz. Last night I opened the door to let a cat in and looked at some light-colored fabric folded on a chair on the porch: there must have been 25 skeeters sitting there! Lazy bugs? Weird. After my hand smashed down there were perhaps only three or four lazy bugs. Take that.


  1. It's a rather interesting phenomena that mosquitoes are attracted to blue. Was your fabric blue?

  2. Mosquitoes think I'm a rare delicacy... I'd die of blood loss.

  3. Stay away from the Alaskan interior!