Friday, July 21, 2006

The Frugal Gourmet

When does frugality become painful? Here's a clue: that Pure Mint Extract that you inherited from your mother-in-law, which she bought sometime before 1990 (and probably more like in the late 70s...)? ...throw it out NOW! The shelf life isn't infinite, apparantly.

I made a super yummy white cake from scratch the other day, and thought, "Hm, it's hot...I'll make mint buttercream frosting!" Gordon, who will eat anything, took one bite and started scraping off the innocuous looking stuff. OK, I know he's not a big mint fan, but after I sampled it, I came up with the perfect name for this dessert: Nyquil Cake! Yes, the frosting tastes like cold medicine. Bleh.

All of those little bottles I've been saving are empty and in the recycle bin...

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