Thursday, July 06, 2006

Goofy Fun Quiz

Got this from virtual pal Aurora's blog...kinda fun!

Have you had sex in the past 24 hours? Nope...better work on that...
Are you gay?
Do you have hairy legs? I try not to.
Do you smoke anything? Salmon!
Do you like monkeys? I like my sock monkey...does that count?
How many fillings do you have? One.
Would you rather swim in the ocean or a lake? OCEAN!
Have you ever licked one of those square batteries? this a common practice?
Have you ever read the Bible? Often, though not as much as I should.
Did you ever go to Sunday School? All through my childhood.
Do you wear a lot of black? In the Winter, yes.
Did you ever bring a weapon to high school? Does my Swiss Army knife count?
Have you ever hugged a tree? Yes, but it was a platonic hug. I've also punched a tree. It hurt.
Do you know what a sphincter actually is? Yes...and it's not just an anatomical reference, thank you.
Describe your hair?
Long and brown (with extra zip from the henna plant)
Are you a wildbeast? If I were, I wouldn't be typing, would I?
Do you like to have fun? Yes
Do you like drama? Only on the stage and screen, please.
Have you ever taken a bong hit? Nope.
Do you like mayonnaise? A little bit on a sandwich is fine.
Are you afraid to die? No, I rather look forward to it.
Do you like playing in leaves? Don't know about playing in them, but I love the scent.
Do you like lyme tics? Only good one is a dead one.
Have you ever peed your pants as an adult? I hope not!
Have you ever thrown up on somebody as an adult? No!
Are you an adult? Not a very good one.
Ever won a spelling bee? I think so...a loooooong time ago.
Do you ever eat because your depressed?
No, I stop eating when I'm depressed. I eat when I'm nervous.
Are you a television addict? No, we don't get cable or have an antenna because there is NOTHING on worth watching. We have a lot of DVDs. Unfortunately, I'm a computer addict.
Do you think OJ is guilty? Yes.
Do you enjoy spending time with your mother?
Have you ever had sex in a hot tub?
On a swing? No!
Do you like Elvis?
Never met him.
Do you enjoy watching animals “do it” on the Discovery channel?
Not on the Discovery channel or anywhere else...yeesh.
Ever been hit on at a zoo? Not that I am aware of.
Have you ever had sex with a total stranger?
No way, not even a partial stranger.
Do you enjoy the calming effects of turkeys?
Haven't noticed.
Does your mom think someone is hot? I don't think so.
Are you a sugar freak?'s evil.
Ever been arrested? Nope.
Ever commit a crime and get away with it? Nope.
Do you like orange juice? Yes, but it doesn't like me.
What sign are you? I don't participate in Astrological pursuits.
Ever do the party boy dance in front of the elderly? What in the world is that?
Where do you wish you were right now? Heaven.
Did you enjoy this? It was diverting.

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  1. It's always a treat to learn more about you, Neb... Thanks for playing along!