Friday, July 07, 2006

Yo Ho Ho!!!

I haven't been this psyched to see a movie in...I can't remember. Our real estate agent sent us some comp tickets months ago, but there hasn't been anything I wanted to use them on until now.

Monday matinee, here we come!


  1. So, what did you think? I saw it and found it entertaining, but a little bit scattered... Then again, it's hard to truly complain about having the pleasure of seeing Johnny Depp on screen.

  2. Well...we still haven't gone. Life is getting in the way of cinema, unfortunately. I'll make a new blog post as soon as we catch it...

  3. Finally saw movie! Yay! It's a total hoot, especially the end. Yes, it's basically a bridge between the first and third installments, but it's a GREAT bridge! What a ride.