Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Funny Net Character Web Site

Sometimes I go to a wonderful website called MajorGeeks when I have a problem with my computer. The forum there is populated with uber geeks who are always happy to help. Long ago somebody there posted a link to a funny website called "Flame Warriors" run by a talented artist. Sometimes I go there to see if there's anything new and for a quick chuckle. If I need a longer chuckle I go to Engrish.com. Of course he has the classics like "Troller" and "Cranous Ferrous", but two of the "flame warriors" seemed particularly amusing to me today: "Ego" and "Target". This is a great place to send people who are new to newslists, BBS, or forums and are mystified by various 'net behaviours. Wacky fun, too.


potvaliant said...

So which one are you? Ego or target? :)

Neb said...

If I were a regular on FC, I'd say "Big Cat". Since I hadn't registered until last Friday, and only because provoked, I'll go with "Ent". I like that, partially because Treebeard is one of my favorite characters in LotR. Yes, Ent. http://www.winternet.com/~mikelr/flame86.html