Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Funny Net Character Web Site

Sometimes I go to a wonderful website called MajorGeeks when I have a problem with my computer. The forum there is populated with uber geeks who are always happy to help. Long ago somebody there posted a link to a funny website called "Flame Warriors" run by a talented artist. Sometimes I go there to see if there's anything new and for a quick chuckle. If I need a longer chuckle I go to Engrish.com. Of course he has the classics like "Troller" and "Cranous Ferrous", but two of the "flame warriors" seemed particularly amusing to me today: "Ego" and "Target". This is a great place to send people who are new to newslists, BBS, or forums and are mystified by various 'net behaviours. Wacky fun, too.


  1. If I were a regular on FC, I'd say "Big Cat". Since I hadn't registered until last Friday, and only because provoked, I'll go with "Ent". I like that, partially because Treebeard is one of my favorite characters in LotR. Yes, Ent. http://www.winternet.com/~mikelr/flame86.html