Sunday, November 28, 2004

Weekend Update II

We had a nice "tea" on Saturday with some Medieval buddies. This time I took pictures (of a sort). The pretty lady in the Italian dress is the one who's wedding I played for a few weeks ago. She and her hubby (in red, top R) just returned from their honeymoon in the UK. Stinkers. Luckily, they spent some time at museums perusing collections, taking notes and snapping pics (which they will be sharing soon; hint, hint), so the trip wasn't all frivolity. Stinky newleyweds. ;-p
I took the liberty of photoshopping this pic to give Carl a more gnarly artificial leg. The Bionic Man one works great, but lacks style. I felt scrimshaw and turned wood suited better. His wife, in green, won the "most yardage in a gown" award for the day, proving that you don't need to go to the 18th or 19th centuries to load on the fabric. Medieval clothes are just more comfy, too, IMO. Gordo traced a cassock pattern (we were at his friend Nick's house. Nick is about the same size as Gordo, overall), and I traced a hood to copy (worn by lady in pic top R). We're going to Camlann for Yule, and we need some toasty 14th century stuff dontcha know.

Update update: On Sunday Gordon went to the black powder shoot at Lake Chabot and had fun with olde gunnes. Much merriment ensued.


  1. Oh, what awesome fun you had! Makes me want to dig out my old faire costumes and play dress-up.

  2. Just because we get bigger/taller doesn't mean we have to stop playing dress-up. The cool thing about doing historical stuff is that the clothes/food/hobbies/music/etc. can all match!