Sunday, November 07, 2004

Gettin' Medieval

Gordon and I set up Henrik's quintain again today (we will be sad when forced to return it, let me tell you...) and worked the horses a bit. Good old Taxi (see pic) is my default mount these days, and he's an old hand at this stuff. It was my first go at tilting, and I did OK. Actually hit the darned thing a couple of times. I also just had to strap on my sword, which was a bit distracting, but I have to get used to it I suppose. Next time we go out for a bit of a ride I'm going to try to spear some of those weird little paddy melons growing by the canal. Woody did fine for Gordon, and is pretty clearly not terrified of the quintain or anything, although he was distracted by another rider in the ring and went wide a couple of times. He's still getting used to neck reining, but he's learning really quickly. There's a Henry VIII-era Ren Faire next weekend in Fresno, and Cliff Basset of Knights of the Azure Cross has invited us (well, Gordon & squire) down to play, so we're trying to get Woody up to speed, so to speak. Should be interesting...

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