Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Libs for Secession!

The alert newshounds at Castle Arrgghhh! are keeping track of the hotbed of secessionist foment here in the US of A. It seems that there are some so disgruntled by the presidential election that they've just thrown in the towel and are ready to form their own nation. Do these people ever even crack a history book? Are they as blissfully ignorant as they seem? I like Powerline's alternative solution: Liberal reservations (is that a double entendre?).

Matt over at Infinitely Tortuous adds his two cents quite eloquently, as well:
" this what it's come to? If I don't like it, I'm leaving? I'm taking my ball and going home? Have we become a nation of spoiled brats so accustomed to getting our way that oh my god the world comes to an end when we don't?
...As much as I'd love to join the sore winners' cry of "don't let the door hit you on the way out", it would essentially mean the failure of the American Experiment. These people need to shut up, take a bottle of chill pills, and just sit and think for a good long while."


  1. Maybe part of the reason this country is so divided is because the liberals and conservatives live in their own respective "reservations." For example: San Francisco. The south. And I don't think average liberals really mean to secede apart from the idle threat in frustration after losing the election. We wouldn't want Bush to be remembered like Lincoln or anything that could improve his so-called legacy.

  2. I agree, I don't think there is anything "average" about these modern-day secessionists. I also don't see any point in comparing Bush to Lincoln, unless we want to talk about suspension of habeus corpus and the whole "Homeland Security" thing, which is not a positive mark on anybody's record, IMO.

  3. I believe that what it boils down to is that the Left has made itself a Bigger Stick to browbeat the Right with over the past 50+ years, and now that the Republicans have figured out how to work the system and co-opt the Democrats, the Left is seething. And although Karl Rove ran a well-oiled machine, I think that the Democrats simply blew it by nominating a milque-toast waffler who just wasn't different enough on the serious issues to grab anyone's attention. Most folks who voted Democrat were voting AGAINST Bush, rather than FOR Kerry, I'm afraid. The old Demo Machine just ain't what it used to be.

    Of course, I didn't vote for either of the SOB's. What was the real bottom line difference in them, other than one could say "I Stand for This", and the other couldn't?


  4. Good, let them be gone. Check this article by Sid Vicious to see what idiots these clowns are.,12271,1348261,00.html

    Evil Roy