Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Just got an email from my sister in Kona. Right after New Years they lost one of their cats to poisoning (grrrrrrr)...and came home from the vet with this little guy! His name is Billabong. He is cute. Great photo!

And now, for something completely different...

What is it?! This came in the same email. If I were a biologist and I'd just found this in the jungle, I'd call it the Jungle Camo moth. Wow! Big boy, too...must be a Marine. Any entomologists out there?


  1. I checked with my entomologist pal, prof at UBC, and he sez:

    A Sphynx Moth aka - a Hawk Moth, family Sphingidae

    Ken's words "They are most excellent flyers. Common nightime pollinators. It starred in Silence of the Lambs..."

    My words: it sure is cool looking!

  2. Cool! I thought the moths in SOL had little face-like markings on them, but I can sort of see a face on this one, too. Thanks for the info!