Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Beany Cat thinks the red roses look charming next to her white coat. Also, this photo was taken yesterday, because this morning the view behind Miss Chublina looked like this:
Seasons, shmeasons...who needs them in any particular order? Not us, apparently. We were sneaking into spring, with things popping up everywhere, now it's downright chilly! That's ok, by this afternoon it will be gone, but it's really picturesque while it lasts.


  1. Beanie DOES look lovely with the red roses!

    We had a similar shift in weather, though not nearly so drastic--it's just cold (ok, California cold--39 degrees). Supposed to rain this weekend though.

  2. Beany looks quite imperial.

    Having lived with many cats, I can safely say that spells trouble. (Excuse me, mass cat attack, argh, help, no--yog sototh, the three-lobed burning eye--)

  3. Nah...she's too energy-conservative to be trouble. She can't even catch mice. The latest thing she caught was a 9v battery. Usually it's leaves or nuts.

    Gimli, little orange boy, is the current rodent catcher around here.