Monday, February 06, 2006

The Weekly Blog

Boy, I'm slow posting, lately. First, I've been getting busy working in the yard. Yes, this is one of the wimpiest Januaries on record (temp wise), and stuff is bustin' out all over. If I don't get the "Winter" pruning done it ain't never gonna happen. Put in a bunch more primroses in shady spots, and have continued to divide bulbs that obviously haven't had attention since the Bush Administration. Papa Bush.

Second, we had a big momma of a storm Friday/Saturday. Gusts up to 50 mph and 13' tides on the coast. We lost power at the stroke of midnight Friday...just as I was putting the conditioner in my hair. It was the quickest rinse in the history of the world, as I didn't want to run the pressure tank in the pumphouse down. Whew! I put on rain gear over my nightshirt and staggered down to the barn to nab the phone from the tack room (a nice luddite model) and let Woody in with Taxi to get out of the weather. Power came back on Sunday around 0700. Luckily we have a wood stove for heat and cooking, and I'd set up a rain barrel so we had plenty of water.

Back on the gardening theme, Mom finally decided to end the war with Bambi and simply take away the targets. All rose bushes (except the one climber that they never seem to notice) have been re-located here. I put two more in the ground today, and will do the rest tomorrow. This Spring and Summer should be 1000% more colorful and vegetative around here. What's the opposite of
horror vacui? Affinito vacui? Horror baroqui? Well, that's what the previous owners of this place had. Their idea of landscaping was a big flat plane/plain of lawn. With a couple of tentative trees and the odd shrub. And a couple of wads of dwarf iris. Yawwwwn. I'm more of a "country (English) garden" type. Sam Gamgee all the way. Give me a riot of shrubs, perennial flowers, fruit trees, and indigenous stuff. And a huge veggie/herb patch. Got to get a rototiller...soon.

Anyway, sometimes life just gets wacky and you're so busy living it you don't have time to journal (a neo-verb that's since been replaced by "blog" in the computo-geek world).

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