Monday, February 13, 2006

The Da Vinci Hype

Apparently some pastors* are encouraging Christians to see The Da Vinci Code so they can debate it with non-believers who buy into all the "Jesus was a fraud" hoo-ha. Sorry, I refuse to throw my hard-earned dollars at this might be interpreted as a show of support. Barbara Nicolosi agrees.

I already read the book (borrowed from a friend...glad I didn't support Dan Brown that way, either). It was a real page turner, but not what I would call literature for the ages, and so full of crackpot spurious scholarship in the second half of the book as to render the serious tone of the first half null.

Says Amy Wellborn:
Me, I hope I can steer clear of The Da Vinci Code debate. The writing is nothing to shout about. Dan Brown treats a long-buried (albeit imaginative) heresy like hot stuff. And the movie's being directed by Ron Howard, who has yet to make a movie that I really enjoy. I can't wait for all of this to become ancient history, so we can look back and shrug and see how trivial all of the hoopla really was.
* The "challenge" website is functioning just fine.

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